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MED2000 P1 AndiVentis


system type: compressor particle size: 5.1 µm, noise level: 54 dB

Main (MED2000 P1 AndiVentis)
System type compressor
Specifications (MED2000 P1 AndiVentis)
Nominal pressure 1.9 bar
Nominal air flow 15 l/min
The particle size of the aerosol (MMAD) 5.1 μm
The difference coefficient of particle size (GSD) 2.6
Tempo spray 0.25 ml/min
The capacity of the chamber of the nebulizer 7 ml
Noise 54 dB
Time of continuous operation 30 minutes
Dimensions and weight (MED2000 P1 AndiVentis)
Width 60 mm
Height 153 mm
Depth 120 mm
Weight 500 g
Trim (MED2000 P1 AndiVentis)
Delivery 2 masks (child, adult), mouthpiece, nebulizer, silicone tube, replacement filters, 3 cap, adapter, carrying bag.
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