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Omron Comp AIR C20 basic


system type: compressor, particle size: 3 ┬Ám, noise level: 45 dB

Main (Omron Comp AIR C20 basic)
System type compressor
Specifications (Omron Comp AIR C20 basic)
The particle size of the aerosol (MMAD) 3 microns
The capacity of the chamber of the nebulizer 10 ml
The remainder of the solution 0.7 ml
Noise 45 dB
Dimensions and weight (Omron Comp AIR C20 basic)
Width 85 mm
Height 43 mm
Depth 115 mm
Weight 0.19 g
Trim (Omron Comp AIR C20 basic)
Delivery Compressor nebulizer chamber, vozdukhovody tube (PVC, 100cm), mouthpiece, cap for the nose mask for adults (PVC), mask for children (PVC), 5 spare air filters, AC adapter, storage bag, manual usage
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