Brand history

Microlife NEB 10A


system type: compressor particle size: 2.83 µm, noise level: 52 dB

Main (Microlife NEB 10A)
System type compressor
Specifications (Microlife NEB 10A)
Nominal air flow 15 l/min
The particle size of the aerosol (MMAD) 2.83 μm
Tempo spray 0.55 ml/min
The capacity of the chamber of the nebulizer 12 ml
The remainder of the solution 0.7 ml
Noise 52 dB
Dimensions and weight (Microlife NEB 10A)
Width 280 mm
Height 107 mm
Depth 270 mm
Weight 1600 g
Trim (Microlife NEB 10A)
Delivery - Oral mouthpiece with valve Mask, adult Mask, children - Nasal mouthpiece - Air filter - Air hose
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